I am a wordsmith who has enjoyed a successful career as a writer, editor, managing editor and operations director for premiere cross-platform media companies. But for the past decade of my twenty-year career I have also functioned as a guide—to fellow authors, to advertisers, to micro and mid-size publishers and to clients outside the industry, helping them get published.

First-time authors and would-be publishers who have tried to go it alone know the challenges associated with answering even the most basic questions:

         • Can I really write this myself?

         • Should I seek a publisher or attempt to self-publish? What are the pros and cons to consider?

         • Is there a market for my book? If so, what shape and format should it take?

         • Should my magazine see life as a print or online endeavor—or both?

         • How do I get in touch with the qualified professionals I’ll need: writers, copyeditors, researchers,
            photographers, artists and art directors, designers, web gurus, printers, etc.?

         • Should my publication plan be subscriber, newsstand or advertising revenue driven? Are my expectations
           reasonable given the demographics?

         • Should I offer content via pay-wall, for free or some combination? How does such a decision impact
            readership and revenue generation?

I offer clients practical, cost-effective solutions and draw on my extensive network of professionals to get them the tools and specialists they need to achieve their publishing goals. I particularly love to work with individuals seeking first-time publication or companies whose core businesses are outside of publishing but who want to make their voices heard by expanding their brands to the web or to print.

Although my specialties include expertise in managing launches, rebrandings, and turnarounds, my involvement in your business can take many forms: advising you in a general way, providing core editorial services and workflow solutions, or providing full-scale intervention and end-to-end (concept to consumer) project management. My work is tailored toward your specific needs, but I bring to every client the same boundless enthusiasm, solid work ethic, and strong advocacy.

Please let me know how I can help with your content or publishing needs.

Thank you,

Michael Q. Bullerdick